Turn the Towns Teal

As part of its mission to provide service to the community, the Allendale Woman’s Club (AWC) will participate in the ovarian cancer awareness campaign called Turn The Towns Teal®. This is a campaign to promote awareness of ovarian cancer, its subtle symptoms and risk factors. The Allendale Mayor and Council proclaimed September to be Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in the borough, honoring National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. AWC members wrap teal ribbons around borough trees to encourage everyone to learn more about this affliction that affects one in 70 women, including an AWC member who lost her life to the disease.  Further information is available at: http://www.turnthetownsteal.org. For more information about the many other charitable activities of the Allendale Woman’s Club or to join this vibrant and diverse group of women, email awc07401@gmail.com