2020 Annual Bookmark Contest

Theme: Reading
This is open to interpretation and may include such ideas as your
favorite book, genre, book subject, reason to read, etc…
Submissions due on or before May 27th. No exceptions.


  1. Official entry blanks available electronically. Visit the
    webpage for the Allendale Woman’s Club to download
    a copy or check emails from PTO/Principal
    Winklestein. http://www.allendalewomansclub.org
  2. Only one entry per person will be accepted. Send file
    to awc07401@gmail.com with Bookmark and
    participant’s name/grade in the subject
  3. Official entries must be drawn in black and white. Use
    a felt tipped marker to ensure clarity. The design
    should be two inches by seven and one-half inches
    (See Sample at right)
  4. Judges will select semi-finalists in each grade from
    grades 4 through 8 at Brookside School.
  5. Voting will be done by members of the Allendale
    Woman’s Club.
  6. Winners and semi-finalists will be awarded gift cards
    to Barnes & Noble. The winning entries will be printed
    for distribution at Lee Memorial Library. Winners will
    receive a laminated version of their bookmark.

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