The Allendale Woman’s Club Presents the

2014 Busy Book to Hillside School’s Third Graders

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The Allendale Woman’s Club (AWC) presented copies of the Busy Book: A Collection of Third Grade Writing to Hillside School’s graduates.  Each third grader is represented in the book, and the stories are written as part of the curriculum under the instruction of the Hillside School’s Third Grade Teachers: Mrs. Clauss, Mrs. Ebneter (pictured on the right), Mrs. McKeon, Ms. Nadel, and Mrs. Termini.

Mrs. Costanza, the Hillside School’s Technology Teacher (pictured on the left), helped the children with word processing and designing their stories.  The AWC has been compiling and professionally printing the writing work of the third graders for more than 50 years.


The Allendale Woman’s Club held its annual Fashion Show “Play for Fashion” on April 9th.  The main beneficiary of the 2014 Fashion Show was the Youth Consultation Service (YCS) Holley Center and other charities.  The more than 465 attendees at this year’s Fashion Show lent their gracious support to this wonderful organization to improve the lives of the extraordinary children who call the Holley Center their home.

YCS Holly Center Donation Check









Pictured (L-R) Cherryll Vellek, Fran Spiegel, Ruthie Harper, Kathy Mongon, Odette Bonan, and Rebecca Marcelletti.

Need Based ScholarshipThe Allendale Woman’s Club donated $2000 to the Need-Based Scholarship Fund at Northern Highlands. The need is especially great this year and the Northern Highlands Need-Based Scholarship Committee is still looking for donations.

Pictured above (L-R): Carolee Gravina, AWC; Debbie Callahan, Chair of the Need-Based Scholarship Committee; Kelly Peterfriend, Head of Guidance at Northern Highlands; Gail Trumbetti, VP of Northern Highlands Board of Ed; Kristen Tsarnas, AWC VP & Chair of CIP.


Cover_Web_Home_Page (1)“Play for Fashion”


The AWC members thank all their guests, donors and sponsors who participated in the 2014 “Play for Fashion” Show for helping make dreams come true!

Three years ago the AWC began a relationship with YCS Holley Center.   This year the AWC members wanted to help the 63 children live their dream “to be just like the regular kids”… their dream to play ball, go bowling, learn to swim, experience an art class, ballet and much more.

…the children’s dreams can finally come true!

LINDA.FLinda Fleischauer, a beloved member of The Allendale Woman’s Club lost her battle to ovarian cancer a few years ago.  In honor of her memory The Allendale Woman’s Club has established a scholarship fund for high school students going on to college.  Click here for the application: LFM 2014 Scholarship Application

Deadline for submission of applications is May 1, 2014.

When you click on the logo below and purchase through Amazon.com or OneCause.com, a percentage of your purchase price will be donated to the club. Please note, when you order through OneCause, you will need to sign up (for free) and specify the Allendale Woman’s Club as the beneficiary.


Pippin EventThe Allendale Woman’s Club Socials Department gladdened the membership by planning a NYC city trip to see the Broadway musical Pippin.  In addition to AWC’s tireless volunteering, members take a break to enjoy the company of other members at various activities throughout the year.


For more info visit our club meetings the 2nd Wednesday of the month at Borough Hall at 7:30. Next meeting January 8th, 2014 .


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